OT/ICS Security Challenges

Advanced cybersecurity solutions to meet today’s business, security, and technology challenges.

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Obstacles and solutions to safeguard assets in a connected world

The modern world depends on critical infrastructure running as expected—without interruption and without delay. Operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) form the digital backbone of society’s most crucial systems, from oil and gas, chemicals, power, and utilities to wastewater management, and healthcare.

As OT, ICS, and IT converge and become more interconnected with day-to-day industrial operations, they also become more vulnerable to security breaches. Understanding and planning for potential issues is the first step in deploying a robust cybersecurity program that safeguards assets, complies with regulations, and realizes the lucrative opportunities that the digital transformation presents.

Armexa works with you to overcome the challenges of deploying an OT/ICS security in today’s modern industrial sectors. No matter the size, scale, or scope of your operations—or your budget or timeline—we can help you plan, deploy, monitor, and optimize a security program that suits your objectives.

Key OT/ICS Security Challenges

Discover how we can build digital resiliency into your OT infrastructure