Building Relationships and Trust Between IT and OT

OT/ICS Security Challenges

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Aligning teams, assets, and efficiencies for enterprise-wide protection

The Internet of Things (IoT) ushered in a new era of networked devices. One challenge this presents is that detecting, investigating, and remediating vulnerabilities and cyber threats is more difficult.

Today’s threat landscape encompasses both information and operational technology (IT and OT) environments. As the boundary between IT and OT continues to blur, organizations must consider the impact that cybersecurity, compliance, and data integration have on their relationships.

Bridging the divide between operational and information technology

Successful deployment of cybersecurity initiatives must leverage resources from both IT and OT. Aligning IT and OT is a challenging but crucial step to improving cybersecurity initiatives. With deep experience in both domains, Armexa works with IT and OT to develop goals and strategies to increase collaboration and trust, and improve industrial security across your organization.

Successful collaboration between IT and OT has significant benefits, including

  • Enhanced security automation, sensing, and visibility
  • Comprehensive information gathering
  • Stronger decision making
  • Greater compliance with regulatory standards
  • Improved stakeholder communication
  • Amplified control over operations
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Increased responsiveness and reduced disruption response times


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