Improving OT/ICS Network Resiliency

OT/ICS Security Challenges

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Fortifying mission-critical process control networks

Improving security across all levels of your operational technology (OT) network empowers your industrial and digital assets to operate at peak performance while protecting critical data and infrastructure. As OT networks grow in complexity and criticality, organizations require a new engineering approach that maximizes uptime and resiliency to security or operational upsets.

Armexa has proven experience operationalizing processes and deploying strategies that improve network resiliency while safeguarding sensitive data and maximizing uptime. Our comprehensive suite of services helps shield critical networks from attack—and mitigate the operational impact in the event of a compromise.

Multifaceted defense tactics customized to your objectives

Armexa leverages domain expertise, technical insight, and technological innovation to tailor an OT network security program that suits your unique organization, assets, and goals. From ad-hoc risk assessments to end-to-end global strategy deployment, our dedicated experts work with you to leverage the latest industry best practices that protect against evolving threats.

The foundation of a well-protected network is redundancy, fault tolerance, and segmentation.
Each Armexa solution integrates cutting-edge digital tools with your existing systems to improve your return on investment and decrease operating costs.

Our portfolio of resiliency solutions includes:

  • Secure engineering and design of OT networks
  • Fault-tolerant architectures tailored to OT installations
  • Secure-by-design network device configurations
  • Centralized network administration and monitoring
  • Factory- and site acceptance testing (FAT and SAT) and commissioning services

Continual training for front-line network expertise

Until recently, most site personnel focused solely on production and safety. Organizations later added network security as a required skill, but many did not provide the necessary preliminary and continuing training to ensure a thorough understanding. As a result, this skills and knowledge gap can lead to configuration errors and suboptimal architectural decisions that cause network problems and outages.

At Armexa, we know firsthand the importance of proficient network personnel involved in day-to-day site activities. We offer reliability training for your site personnel and any other teams that support your facility’s networks. This investment helps prevent potentially costly outages and improves plant reliability.


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