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OT/ICS Security Challenges

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Scalable cybersecurity solutions for increased protection and efficiency

Operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS) are the most critical components of your industrial process environments. They are the core system for value and revenue creation, and their integrity is essential to the success of your operations.

Starting and growing an OT security program is a proven shield between infrastructure and outside threats–benefiting IT, security, and operations. Implementing or expanding your strategy will increase operational data protection, increase operational efficiency, and reduce non-productive time (NPT).

Armexa acts as an extension of your team for starting and growing OT/ICS cybersecurity programs. Our team will work with you to identify your security weaknesses and develop a long-term strategy that enhances operations and protects your processes, technology, and data.

Merging IT and OT Solutions

Managing the successful integration of information and operational technology is central to protecting your business and achieving a competitive advantage. OT/ICS has been connected to IT infrastructure for years –revealing blind spots that leave organizations vulnerable. Integrating these systems allows for a single cohesive security system that protects IT and OT processes in addition to improved efficiency, reduced errors, and enhanced workflows.

Establishing communication between IT and OT strategies and developing a security road map is the best first step in bolstering your OT security program. Armexa deploys scalable purpose-built cybersecurity solutions that address IT and OT goals and stop threats head-on.

Our cyber protection strategies align security processes with business goals and optimize your organization’s resilience. With our solid roadmap and cross-collaboration, you’ll know where your organization stands, what you need to do to be more effective, and the solutions you need to get there.

Complying with Industry Standards

Emerging cybersecurity regulations are some of the newest compliance standards for many industries. With many requirements being imposed by various entities, meeting compliance can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our team is constantly monitoring changes to industry standards, best practices, and security requirements so the solutions we deploy exceed compliance.

Our OT/ICS cybersecurity solutions are designed with compliance in mind to ensure your organization is protected beyond what is minimally required. Every solution we deploy is designed to reduce risk, improve efficiency, uncover data insight, and protect your operational environment all while exceeding industry standards.

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