Assessment, Threat Analysis & Planning

The starting point to obtaining an OT security baseline.

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Actionable insights and strategies to reduce threats and mitigate impact

Operational technology (OT) security assessments are foundational to understanding your facility’s critical components, vulnerabilities, attack vectors, and compensating controls. Identifying and analyzing these factors is the first step in planning an optimal strategy to reduce the scope and impact of attacks—or circumvent them altogether.

Armexa’s team of security assessment, threat analysis, and planning experts provide a range of domain knowledge, technical capabilities, and industry-specific experience to help secure your assets today and into the future. Our assessments and recommendation plans are designed to improve the value of your existing systems and optimize productivity while safeguarding your organization’s critical data.

Collaborative approach that optimizes every stage

Our team works with yours to gain a thorough understanding of your existing infrastructure, ways of working, and overarching business goals. This information serves as our cornerstone for the entire project and enables us to unearth opportunities for greater efficiencies at every stage and across the asset life cycle.

Our methodology for cybersecurity assessment, threat analysis, and planning includes:

  • Collecting as-found documentation from existing drawings and site walkdowns
  • Identifying vulnerabilities of system components and documented policies
  • Segmenting components into process areas and critical safety zones
  • Performing security analyses using bow-tie risk modeling, consequence assessments, and other safety engineering principles
  • Ranking risks and associated mitigations per business objectives and industry best practices
  • Developing a remediation timeline with compensating controls, technologies, or both


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