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Industrial-strength security and visibility for OT/ICS networks

The operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) security world continually adapts to meet new challenges and threats. As the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital assets evolve, they become more interconnected to critical systems inside an organization. For these reasons, correlating visibility between every component of the network is essential to identify assets faster and detect alerts more accurately.

Anomaly detection tools can safely discover and classify vulnerabilities in OT/ICS networks, but advanced planning is required for safe implementation and maximized value. Armexa architects, plans, deploys, and configures vendor-agnostic anomaly detection solutions that mitigate threat exposure and improve operational resiliency across your asset’s life cycle.

Stopping disruptions before they start

Traditional anomaly detection techniques can cause outages to OT networks, resulting in loss of production in facilities. They also might lack the nuance required to discern hundreds of benign alerts from valid ones, which can keep your security team from focusing on value-adding security activities. Armexa’s end-to-end anomaly detection solutions help prevent malfunctions, secure productivity, and improve uptime in your unique OT environment. Leveraging decades of cybersecurity expertise, our engineers map out the full network and identify key installation points for the physical sensors. This process includes

  • Assessing the readiness of your network equipment
  • Communicating with key stakeholders to identify critical assets
  • Recommending potential network upgrades for network segmentation and resiliency
  • Designing a logical and physical architecture for implementation
  • Reviewing the design plan
  • Installing and configuring physical sensors and management consoles at the right locations for gathering and analyzing critical data

Continuously optimizing operations

From installation to maintenance and beyond, Armexa works with you at every step of the process to ensure continually enhanced operations. Our post-deployment approach encompasses

  • Setting a baseline for determining normal and anomalous behavior across the dynamic environment
  • Customizing a maintenance program to ensure analyzed data is evergreen
  • Operationalizing the alerts so that both operations and security teams can easily understand and quickly action them

This real-time insight across all levels of your enterprise empowers you to run your industrial and digital assets at peak efficiency while safeguarding crucial data and infrastructure.

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