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Building the foundation of your OT/ICS cyber defense

The relationship between security and safety in operational technology (OT) environments is an integral part of critical infrastructure. The deeper the integration between IT, cloud, and industrial control networks (ICS), the more operations are exposed to risks and new threats. For that reason, ICS architecture should be regularly reviewed to safeguard assets and protect business operations.

Armexa’s security expertise helps you achieve desired defense-in-depth fortification of your OT environment and plant operations. From review to design, implementation, and maintenance, we partner with you to design and deploy an effective OT/ICS cybersecurity architecture tailored to your organization’s business and security goals and requirements.

Our services include

  • Current architecture review
  • Front-end engineering and design (FEED) execution
  • Greenfield network and security detailed design
  • Brownfield network and security enhancement

Cost-effective security architecture—customized from end to end

Designing an effective OT security architecture can be challenging, especially when balancing security requirements with user experience. Legacy assets, third-party systems, and complex industrial environments preclude a one-size-fits-all approach to OT/ICS system design. With deep expertise in industrial processes and OT network design, Armexa performs a detailed analysis of your as-built OT security architecture and proposes enhancements that could significantly increase your security posture without disrupting your operations.

Our collaborative approach

  • Leverages proven methodologies, including zones and conduits, risk-based segmentation, and the Purdue Enterprise Reference Architecture
  • Is agnostic to product, vendor, or service provider
  • Considers your business objectives along with the capex and opex required for long-term protection
  • Utilizes your existing infrastructure whenever possible

As a result, we ensure maximum security of your corporate assets and data while minimizing the total cost of ownership

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