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Secure, scalable OT/ICS solutions for maximized ROI

Traditionally, operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks have been isolated, disconnected, and separated from an organization’s legacy systems and information technology (IT). Today, with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), IT and OT are increasingly interconnected, and with this convergence, new security threats emerge.

From design to delivery and ongoing optimization, Armexa helps industrial organizations safely and reliably integrate their OT/ICS infrastructure into the cloud. Our end-to-end cloud and IoT integration services help you unlock the many opportunities of digital transformation to enable better decisions using smarter data.

Unparalleled experience in enterprise cloud and IoT integration

While industrial IoT has the potential to revolutionize the industrial landscape, implementing the right technologies and processes is crucial to protecting your critical infrastructure assets. Built on in-depth knowledge of on-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid solutions, our proven methodologies ensure operational continuity, performance, resilience, and safety.

Our process for cloud and IoT integrations includes

  • Fully mapping your OT/ICS assets without interrupting day-to-day operations
  • Collaborating with you to identify your objectives for cloud and IoT integration
  • Designing an integration roadmap with clearly defined estimations of timeline, cost, and footprint
  • Utilizing as much of your legacy IT, OT, and ICS systems as possible to maximize ROI
  • Testing the cloud and IoT integration and training your team for seamless user adoption
  • Implementing any changes and lessons learned before going live
  • Maintaining and optimizing your OT/ICS assets’ performance and productivity after cloud and IoT integration

Deep multidisciplinary expertise and experience

Armexa’s OT/ICS experts bring decades of cumulative experience in a range of security engineering services for numerous industrial sectors, including energy, manufacturing, utilities, and more. Trained in the latest safety, regulatory, and compliance requirements, our team provides unique insight at every stage of design, implementation, maintenance, and optimization.

With a comprehensive view of your project, asset, and industry, we leverage our experience to identify and deploy cross-domain best practices, lessons learned, and opportunities for enhancement. As a result, your OT/ICS infrastructure seamlessly and securely integrates with a cutting-edge cloud and IoT solution built to maintain your competitive edge for secure, scalable success.

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