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Safeguarding your systems, data, and resources

With remote work on the rise around the world, many organizations now face the challenge of securing their assets while enabling access to the right people. However, many operational technology (OT) and industrial control system (ICS) networks still use a single shared username and password for access to high-level changes across the enterprise. In the new way of working, a strong identity and access management (IAM) program for OT/ICS is imperative for preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data from both external and insider threats.

Armexa has the security engineering expertise, technology, and collaborative processes to design and deploy IAM strategies that meet business objectives across industry verticals. Our teams are dedicated to securing your mission-critical assets while increasing productivity and business value throughout the system life cycle.

Gain a complete view of enterprise access

Our approach is built on core enterprise activities and backed by effective IAM strategy, assessment, implementation, and program governance. Our scalable, proactive IAM solutions enable you to

  • Oversee the entire user identity base
  • Capture and record user login events
  • Verify and authenticate users based on their roles and login locations
  • Assign, manage, restrict, and remove user access
  • Provide least privilege, just-enough, and just-in-time access to critical systems
  • Enhance your identity management abilities in line with changing trends

This information forms the foundation of an enterprise-wide view of your assets that enables high-level monitoring and control of critical data for enhanced security and improved efficiency.

Maximize uptime for enhanced business operations

Around-the-clock access to your OT and ICS, especially during a production outage, is critical to operational continuity. Focusing on your business metrics, we develop a fortified IAM framework that ensures logins are available during network outages. Independent of the status of third-party service providers, users can access the business-critical information they need to perform high-value work—and your business can provide the uninterrupted service your customers deserve.

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