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Improving performance while protecting critical OT/ICS assets

Network segmentation is a key pillar of properly designed and secured OT/ICS infrastructure. Implementing a robust network segmentation strategy is key to strengthening security, keeping sensitive data secure, mitigating cyberattack damage, and meeting compliance requirements.

Armexa is a leading provider of tailored network segmentation solutions for unified security of your critical OT/ICS infrastructure. With decades of industry experience, we work with key industrial sectors to engineer, implement, and optimize solutions for organizations’ most pressing security challenges. Our experts implement solutions that

  • Limit the spread of an attack across a network and mitigate damage
  • Stop attacks from damaging networks and other critical assets
  • Decrease network congestion
  • Improve network performance and security
  • Leverage your existing infrastructure


Modernizing network segmentation

In the past, critical OT/ICS infrastructure communicated using serial (non-routable) protocols. Today, organizations utilize IP networks for scalability and ease of use. These networks increase speed, flexibility, and troubleshooting capabilities but are also more prone to cyberattacks.

Our team of experts has decades of global experience in segmenting OT/ICS networks utilizing security strategies such as the Purdue and Zones & Conduits models. With the most up-to-date information on OT/ICS disciplines, threat intelligence, and compliance requirements, we collaborate with you to deploy the best solution for your organization, your objectives, and your infrastructure.

Accelerating operational performance

When an entire enterprise uses the same network, the resulting congestion can cause lag and long waits for data retrieval. In modern operations, slow or delayed operations are untenable. An additional benefit of network segmentation is that it decreases network traffic congestion. This improved network performance enables you to expedite operations and boost productivity.

Leveraging existing systems for maximum ROI

Deploying network segmentation doesn’t have to mean starting from scratch. Our dedicated experts work with you to leverage your existing security architecture into an optimized solution that fits your unique requirements. No matter the size, scope, or complexity of your security objectives, Armexa has the domain expertise, technological capabilities, and technical insight to help you achieve operational excellence with cutting-edge protection.

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