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Decades of expertise at work to guide long-term, secure success

The rapid pace of digital transformation can make it difficult for industrial organizations to stay in front of cybersecurity threats—and take advantage of the significant opportunities enabled by the latest technological innovations.

Armexa’s expert cybersecurity team can help you plan, design, implement, and enhance your cybersecurity journey. Whether you’re building solutions yourself, want guidance on next steps, or require comprehensive project support, we are here to help you achieve success—now and in the future.

Fit-for-purpose, collaborative approach tailored to your needs

In contrast with other cybersecurity service providers, Armexa specifically focuses on industrial markets, which grants us unparalleled insight into your sector’s unique security landscape. We bolster this deep domain knowledge by collaborating with you to fully understand your company’s culture, security posture, and risk tolerance. This comprehensive approach ensures that the Armexa solutions you receive are designed to meet the needs of your technical teams and your business goals.

During the implementation stage, we couple tried-and-true engineering and security practices with new technologies to position your organization for future initiatives. Playbooks and quality stage gates such as factory- and site-acceptance testing (FAT and SAT) ensure consistent service quality at every stage of the project.

Track record of success across digital and industrial disciplines

Armexa’s team of experts comprises professionals with backgrounds in automation engineering, enterprise IT, and computer science—and some have experience as both asset owners and consultants. We leverage our knowledge of plant-floor operations and enterprise IT in every solution we design for our industrial clients.

Our portfolio of successful consulting and implementation projects spans organizations of all sizes, from small teams to some of the world’s largest operators. Our project and implementation experience includes:

  • OT security program development
  • Greenfield project OT security engineering and design
  • Brownfield project OT security remediation
  • Mergers and acquisitions facility security assessments
  • Integrate with EPCs and System Integrators as part of overall facility design
  • Commissioning of the security and network infrastructure of large offshore installations
  • Worldwide deployment of asset management and anomaly detection technologies
  • Running and maintenance services for large chemical and oil and gas operators


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