Safeguard your industrial assets with advanced cybersecurity solutions

From identifying risk to strengthening digital trust, discover how we can help you build a cybersecurity strategy.

Proactive solutions to protect people, processes, technology, and data

A cybersecurity program shouldn’t stop at deployment. Armexa’s broad portfolio of cybersecurity services can help you manage today’s most sophisticated attack tactics—and improve business operations in the process.

Network visibility is the foundation of cybersecurity

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Network Segmentation

Tailored network segmentation strategies for unified security of OT/ICS infrastructure.


Security Consulting & Implementation

Collaborative, integrative strategies for all stages of the security life cycle.


Starting & Growing an OT Security Program

Long-term solutions for safeguarding process and operations across the security journey.


We ensure your operational
technology is cyber-ready

Improving security maturity and confidence

No matter the size, scale, or scope of your industrial operations—or your budget or timeline—we can help you plan, design, build, and implement a security strategy that works for you.  We help organizations mitigate risk to their operations by hardening their attack surface, increasing security awareness, and improving their security posture.

What can we help you achieve?


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Armexa, an industrial cybersecurity company, arms industrial clients with timely, proactive solutions that overcome today’s business, security, and technology challenges. You receive the most effective cyber defense possible and unprecedented situational awareness from the plant floor to the cloud.

Discover Armexa

Discover how we can build digital resiliency into your OT infrastructure