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In your food and beverage business, the technology that runs your production line is as important as the ingredients you use. As technology evolves, so does the need to protect your operations.

The food and beverage industry has seen a large, influential shift from manual, hands-on work to using automated systems and computers. These systems range from custom-made software to common programs that many companies use. However, many of these systems run on older operating systems like Windows 98, early versions of Linux, IBM AS 400 (related to UNIX), or ZENIX.

Even when these systems are updated to newer operating systems, the security for the control systems on the production floor often remains weak. What’s more, these control systems are typically linked with other parts of the company’s operations, such as financial management, overall business operations, and supply management. For example, the systems that control the manufacturing process might be linked to those used for shipping and inventory management.

This kind of setup can lead to security risks. Small internet-connected devices, which seem harmless, can actually be weak points in security. These can be used by unauthorized people to get into the system, steal information, or disrupt the company’s operations.

Sometimes, security risks come from within. Employees and contractors with access to critical systems and data can pose a cybersecurity risk. The term “insider threats” may sound dramatic, and although most are unintentional, food and beverage companies still need to be mindful of those threats and manage them carefully.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the long list of needs, guidelines and recommendations around securing your food and beverage operations. That’s why we focus on practical solutions that are achievable within your budget. We’ll help your team identify areas for improvement that not only improve security but also help your operations run more smoothly – from production to distribution.

We’re not only familiar with the specific operational technology (OT) systems used in the industry like SCADA, PLCs and MES – we also understand the processes involved in food and beverage production, such as manufacturing, packaging, quality control and distribution.

We also understand how to blend food safety practices with cybersecurity to ensure that your security measures enhance, rather than hinder, your food safety processes.

Our invaluable industry experience is complemented by our foundation in OT security best practices and risk management.

This multidisciplinary approach enables us to provide effective, customized security solutions, making us the ideal partner for your food and beverage OT security needs.

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