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We understand the concerns and challenges that come with securing wells, platforms, pipelines, terminals, and processing facilities goes beyond mere protection; it’s about creating resilient systems that can recover from any issue – be it user error, a security exploit, or failing infrastructure.

Our dedicated operational technology (OT) security specialists, with firsthand experience in these facilities, aren’t just focused on preventing incidents but ensuring that operations can quickly bounce back, maintaining continuous and reliable production.

On-Site Support Across Every Stage of Energy Production

We offer on-site support for oil and gas operations, covering upstream, midstream and downstream.

Our expertise in SCADA systems plays a crucial role in upstream and midstream processes where monitoring and controlling the flow of resources over long distances is essential.

In downstream processes, our proficiency in Distributed Control Systems (DCS) enables us to streamline complex process operations, ensuring optimal performance and uninterrupted production.

Expertise Extending to Offshore Operations

Our experience isn’t limited to onshore facilities. We’re also skilled in managing the unique demands of offshore operations. Whether it’s a remote drilling platform or a floating vessel, we understand what it takes to keep these isolated and challenging environments secure.

A Common Oil & Gas OT Security Struggle: The Shared Username and Password

Just a decade ago, most industrial assets had Windows workstations and servers but still didn’t connect to any networks or servers beyond the plant walls. Today, oil and gas sites are more connected than ever, but many companies struggle with moving away from standalone usernames and passwords, which is an open invitation for outside access to your industrial control system.

We’re here to guide companies through the transition to more secure authentication methods. Our level of involvement depends on each company’s size, setup and needs.

Practical Solutions Within Your Reach

We know that navigating the rules and guidelines of industrial security can be overwhelming, especially with limited budget and staff.

That’s why we focus on realistic, achievable solutions that fit your budget. Our goal is to find ways to enhance your facility’s security while also improving the overall safety, reliability, and efficiency of your operations.

Support for Every Stage of Energy Production

Whether your business is in the early stages of extracting resources, transporting them, or refining them, our services are tailored to meet your needs across upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. We invite you to explore our Services page to see how we can help make your operations not only more secure, but more resilient, adaptable and efficient, no matter your size or sector.

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