Security Technology Configuration, Deployment and Optimization

Design and Build

After you’ve invested in OT security tools, software or technology, your next step is to ensure they deliver maximum value. That’s where our expertise comes into play.

To get the most out of any tool or software in OT cybersecurity, it’s important to know the best ways and places to use it. If you don’t optimize these tools, you’re simply checking a box, and that almost always leads to a false sense of protection.

Our team isn’t just made up of consultants; we’ve been in the field, working within operating companies. This hands-on experience in deploying technology in OT settings gives us a deep understanding of effective configuration and integration.

We look at the tool itself, your organization, your personnel, site(s) where the tool is deployed, where and how the tool will interact with your entire network, the security maturity of your company, and the network topology, as well as existing security tools you’re using today.

All this helps us determine how to best place and optimize the solution so that it brings actual value to your company.

Drawing on our backgrounds in OT, IT, field assets, and our collective time working for the Big 4 consulting firms, we’re deeply familiar with a broad range of products, enabling us to provide insights and configurations that truly make a difference. We’re equipped to handle projects of all sizes, from small assets to global programs, and we’ve worked with all levels within organizations, from control room operators to C-suite executives. We have the experience of tailoring and configuring various technologies to meet the specific needs of asset owners.

We believe in a straightforward, effective approach to OT cybersecurity. We’re committed to ensuring that your security technology investments aren’t just installed but are also aligned with your operational goals.

Ready to Maximize Your Technology Investment?

Let’s ensure your technology not only fits seamlessly into your operations but also delivers the impactful results you need. Reach out for professional assistance in deploying and configuring your OT cybersecurity tools.

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