Power & Utilities


The power and utilities sectors are critical for providing stable and sustainable energy. This industry is undergoing a transformation, integrating traditional and renewable energy sources to meet the growing demand for cleaner, more efficient energy. This shift includes the adoption of innovative technologies such as grey, green and blue hydrogen, solar energy, and renewable natural gas.

This integration of digital technologies, especially in operational technology (OT) systems, introduces new challenges. Our deep understanding of these sectors allows us to identify and mitigate the highest risks, ensuring reliable energy distribution and supporting the growth of new energy markets.

Security concerns in this sector aren’t just about data protection; it’s also about maintaining the continuous operation of essential services. Cyber threats or system failures can have widespread effects, impacting household access to energy and water, and overall national security.

We focus on the specific needs of the power and utilities industries, offering support that combines technical knowledge with operational experience. This includes managing traditional energy grids, integrating renewable energy sources, and ensuring efficient water treatment and distribution.

Our strategies are designed to:

  • Protect against cyber threats targeting critical energy infrastructure.
  • Navigate and meet the requirements of regulatory standards, particularly NERC-CIP for electric utilities.
  • Enhance system resilience to ensure service continuity under any conditions.
  • Secure the technology and processes involved in new energy sectors, like hydrogen production and solar energy, against potential threats.
  • Address the security challenges of integrating both old and new technologies within the energy infrastructure.

Our approach prioritizes identifying and addressing the most significant risks to your operations. By understanding the specifics of your energy production and distribution systems, we can offer targeted solutions that enhance security without impeding operational efficiency.

In partnering with us, you gain access to expertise in both established and emerging energy sectors, ensuring your operations are secure and resilient. We provide solutions that not only address today’s security needs but also prepare you for future challenges, supporting the ongoing reliability and sustainability of energy resources.

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