Cybersecurity Program Review

Assess and Plan

In the industrial world, preventative maintenance is an essential practice that involves regular inspections and updates of machinery to ensure optimal performance, prevent unexpected downtime, and extend the lifespan of equipment.

A Cybersecurity Program Review works much in the same way when it comes to understanding your company’s OT security posture, challenges, and targets.

Armexa will facilitate two workshops to assess where you’re starting with your OT security program, how you should start thinking about OT security moving forward, and how you can kickstart a new cybersecurity program or revitalize an existing one.

Our Approach

  • Workshop #1: Getting a clear picture.

The first workshop takes a close look at where your OT security measures stand today or where you aim to be in the future. This involves reviewing any current strategies you have in place and how they’re structured to protect your operations. The workshop will emphasize the importance of differentiating between your information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) roles, understanding the unique challenges each faces, and setting a clear direction for your cybersecurity efforts.

We’ll explore what an ideal team structure looks like and how to bridge any gaps. We’ll also discuss whether your company partners with a managed security service provider for cybersecurity and will explore the benefits of such partnerships.

  • Workshop #2: Evaluating compliance and risk.

In the second Cybersecurity Program Review workshop, we shift our focus to evaluating your cybersecurity measures against recognized industry guidelines and standards. This session is crucial for identifying where your security practices stand in relation to established benchmarks and understanding how to mitigate potential risks effectively.

For organizations without a specific standard in place, we introduce a minimum set of security objectives designed to mitigate risks. This baseline helps ensure that foundational security measures are not overlooked.

Understanding risk is a key component of OT cybersecurity. We discuss three common OT risk scenarios to help you identify the operational consequences of cyber threats and vulnerabilities within your environment and document potential impact.

This approach is aimed at preemptive thinking and planning, helping your team to anticipate, strategize and prioritize resources against possible security challenges.

What You Get

Upon completion of the workshops, Armexa will deliver tailored recommendations to guide your cybersecurity initiatives, from immediate improvements to strategic, long-term projects.

How to Get Started

A Cybersecurity Program Review provides the knowledge and tools necessary to guide your OT security program, whether you’re just getting started or are looking for ways to improve an existing program.
Reach out today to bring your OT cybersecurity program to life.

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