Manufacturing is shifting toward more digital and automated processes with the integration of technologies like IoT, automation and AI into traditional manufacturing processes. This shift, often called Industry 4.0, brings many benefits like better efficiency and productivity.

It does, however, introduce new challenges in keeping these systems safe. Common systems in this sector include a mix of older and newer technologies, ranging from outdated operating systems to state-of-the-art programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and robotics. This variety can make it tough to ensure everything is secure.

A key issue in manufacturing is the connection between your production technology and your office IT systems, like those used for data analysis or managing your supply chain. When these systems are linked, a problem in one area could potentially affect the other. This can potentially expose critical manufacturing systems to threats that could disrupt production, compromise product quality, or lead to theft of intellectual property.

Manufacturing facilities often have a wide range of machines and equipment from different eras and different suppliers. This diversity means there are many different ways things could go wrong, and each type of machine may need its own protective measures. Older machines may be especially vulnerable because they don’t get regular updates or support.

Our approach to helping you protect your manufacturing processes focuses on practical solutions. We work with you to pinpoint and correct weak spots in a way that supports your operations and doesn’t interrupt your workflow.

Our expertise extends beyond just knowing the specific OT systems used in manufacturing, such as SCADA systems, distributed control systems (DCS), and industrial control systems (ICS). We also understand the nuances of manufacturing processes, including production lines, quality assurance and inventory management.

Our team combines this industry knowledge with a broad understanding of how to keep technology systems safe and running smoothly. This helps us give you tailored advice and solutions that address your current security needs and prepare you for future changes as the manufacturing industry continues to evolve.

By working with us, you get the benefit of our extensive experience in both manufacturing and OT security, ensuring that your production processes are secure, efficient, and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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