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Robust cybersecurity to protect critical assets in industrial markets

Industrial operators in every market sector are leveraging operational technology (OT) devices and data sources to make their operations more connected, efficient, and effective. As technologies become more advanced and the speed of business increases, operators are integrating and investing in tools that widen connectivity across their organization’s critical infrastructure.

Operational technology (OT) depends on industrial control systems (ICS), processes, and data to run day-to-day operations. A comprehensive cybersecurity plan is crucial to maintaining effective security in a distributed environment—and protecting business operability and profitability.

OT/ICS solutions for industrial sectors

At Armexa, we help industrial operators plan, deploy, and manage cybersecurity solutions for OT/ICS infrastructure. Whether you’re working in oil and gas, chemicals, power and utilities, or manufacturing, we work in tandem with your team to implement multilayer security programs customized to your unique organization and goals.

Our domain expertise, technological capabilities, and data-driven insight deliver end-to-end security programs that help you safeguard data while maximizing uptime, cost-effectiveness, and return on investment (ROI).


  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemicals
  • Power
  • Public Utilities


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